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Kutztown Evenings

got to page 10 and its only 11, god damn its hot out

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painting now, its no good, but i dont care, any release of my bullshit meaningless emotions is good so i dont kill myself. all in all youre just another brick in the fucking wall anyways, all in all, you will never mean anything to anybody becuase they'll jsut die too. your nobody, how does that make you feel? dont kill yourself, people who will die will care, ooo

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is some of my stuff for those of you who so desired it, if you didnt want it, dont take it, if you want it maybe you should put a ring on it.

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well ive been recording, if you wanna hear, get me on instant messaging things or talk to me; spoken word, noise, soft bullshit, and instrumental crap.

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ponder this if you may;
the sounds "mhmm" and "uhuh"
are the same, one with closed mouth, one with open
does that mean "nahuh" and "nmhm" are same?
Im gunna
write a book, you will never read
becuase by the time i am done, years
will have gone by
so if you remember me, ask me

Sunday, February 21, 2010


1 Religion: n (ree-lidg-on); the ideals of origin to mankind; an explanation of sorts: i.e. Christianity, Judaism

2 Belief: n (bee-leaf); superficial trust in an unprovable subject matter: i.e. love, trust, religion

3 Freedom: n (free-dumb); the feeling of a limitless society; utopianism: i.e. (no example possible)

Untitled 15

In a world there draft can condemn you to death, and all can get it, youre already dead. Your soul is sold with no right to grow old. No right to fight. all hate for fate. Medias my encyclopdia. Technology my anthropology for apology. Uniform multiform, smug drug hugs and fling rings. Meaningless speaches and security breeches.

Untitled 14

do you know what you died for?

a country that doesnt care,

sounds ungrateful?

well it is

i would die for the one i love

not Miss America

she who listens and tracks all

with their secure technoligy

change your mind?

well too bad, got to do your time

locked in like a jail

sentanced to "dignified" death

die for your CUNTry, protect

who do you protect

whos invading who?

whos killing who?

dont protest,

revolution will put you in jail

or get you killed: Riot Squad

Untitled 13

When you were born,

they named you Jerry.

Little did they know,

youd be soo hairy.

so full of live,

leader of it all

always so strong

never thought youd fall

you started a family

that exponentially grows

were all so grateful

youll never know

so i take a moment

to thank you dearly

youre legacy will never die

just its maker merely

Philosophy Of A Gravedigger

It is not

the winter breeze,

you are not

the movement of the seas.

have you eyes?

clear youll see

clear as day

that this is me

but you are you

and once youre gone

we go blue

we make songs

dont think its true

whats done is done

at least for you.

well pack our bags

this place were through

take what you know

and what you do.

life is but a school

learn not to subdue,

so here, to you,

i lift this brew.


Universal question

why are we here?

not a simple "yes" or "no"

thats not clear.

dont write a little note,

of what you fear.

tell the world

if not in cheer

but to leer

in the eyes of this space

of every single man

all religions and race

"we the people, in order

to form a more perfect union,"

"have a dream" but

we'll kill you then.

anarchy wouldnt work,

people are too greedy,

democracy fails,

becuase youre too needy.

supply and demand

need and want,

macht nicht aus

when youre in a hunt.

1/22/10 12:36 AM

       I just heard a gunshot in silence, waiting for sirens, 12:38, no, 12:40, nothing. Only the humming of lights and trains passing, not knowing what has just happened. A life has been lost, no, not lost, not misplaced or hidden. A life has been stolen, taken without caution. Rest in peace Case #5519736, you will be missed. 12:41 AM 1/22/10.

                                       I will remember.

Untitled 12

I drive home to read your thoughts, thoughts then i realized i was not the one who needed them read.

My body convulses and shakes in the midnight sun like a rat for cheese. I am the rat; small, dirty, unspoken, feared. A lab rat; you give me things that make my heart race; shoot me up wtih feelings of sickness, feux joy; but in the end, you want me to be ne, not a mutant, not sick, not fake. You are the cheese in the maze. Left, right, left, left, straight, dead end. You are in a compartment of your own and wont let me in. I will climb the walls, up, up, up im on top but wait, where are you? i turm and turn, searching for a clue, i look behind me and there you are, you've been behind me the whole time, watching me. you are no longer the cheese, you are the scientist, the test maker. and i, i am no longer an infectious rat, i am the cure.

Untitled 10

I almost forgot

how familliar you

were to me

are to me

the dark ring around

your deep green eyes,

or the gentle slope 

from foot to knee and

knee to hip, and

roller coaster of curves

that lead to your

soft facials that

emit the purest

form of language;



Untitled 7

He told her he loved her as she ate lead and aspirin. The brains on the wall are still thinking of you, the pluck of violin evokes nothing, then the chorus, the girl of your dreams. The one who slipped away, broken string. The sun and the moon are in constant harmony. one rises one sets, one schedule for millions of years. yet they have never met, never even gotten close. Opposite sides of our planet always. one constantly is action molecularly, the other sedentary as a rock because frankly, thats what it is. Is heaven on the moon and hell on the sun? if that were true then would it be safe to say that we live on the middle ground, limbo, purgatory, than we're already dead.

Size Matters

as you grow, less and less people care

Dear Mr. Drunk Driver,

        I will be crossing Willow Street at 9:13 PM on Tuesday without looking both ways. If you see me, please dont wave or beep, just keep driving as if you never saw me, or at least that is what you will tell everyone else.


                                                                        Recently Deceased


Emotive: In Three Movements

1 I have found myseld in an abyss

trekked by many, written about

those who are lost in it may die, 

others live in it forever

there is a question posed;

is this the common cold,

os is this place more like a 

joker in the pack?

i believe there are many lovers,

but only a few loves, who is the


2 But your alleged "one and only" may not be your best fit, nor the "soul mate", but in fact the closest and your most compatible lover, so why go out of your way for what you already know. But she is curious, this scares me, i have always learned that curiosity killed the cat, so has my time, nay my life, not proved enough? possibly not.

3 This fact creates an emotional void in my chest behind my lungs, soo much that i cant remember  what used to inhabit that space; it pumped blood, kept me alive. Tell me this: what am i missing?

2 Dont Leave Me

Dont even hang up the phone

knowing what is next.

i think that i will pick

a fight with know today, just

to hear your voice.


I will watch

you cry;

for you have been


cut off like the wings

of a butterfly but

unmendable, like

a failed kidney, or

a child who




1 Dont Love Me

dont even like me

knowing what may come.

history repeats itself,

so dont get us started.

take the easy streets

feeling nothing? empty?

thats the life

nothing to live for, 

nothing to die for,

scared after watching

a scary movie?

sparky's by your side,

but a bark is no

substitute for a hug,

nor woof for kiss, or

even sleeping with sparky

at your feet. comfort

has never felt so shallow.

So, please dont talk to

me, look at me, get me,

help me, glow old with me,

live with me, die with me,

   So please

Dont love me

i dont need you.

The Metaphysical Heart

An item representative of emotion, lies;

fulkl of vitality, red;

depth, further then planet X, undiscovered;

like fingers full of nerves, feeling;

crossword puzzle, por deuxcompletion;

cold as ice, empty;

don't put water on the grease fire, heat;

its my party and ill cry if i want to;


stranglation; struggle;

you're stumbling in the dark, lost;

got a light?


+ caught the eye





+googley eyed

- speed bump




-fuck up





-pick up the pieces

Love 2

Pieces fit together like a mismatches puzzle, pounding them into place, cutting pieces to fit and throwing the extras away. what was meant to be a person now is only visible through 3D glasses. The parts are all there, but there is another medium needed to put them together correctly. Comething else. Political powers and polished pronounciation make the world evidently flow; the people. The people are run by a clockwork not much unlike the universe, set off by objects' undividual movements. The misinterpreted "destinations" of children's futures are static and therefore their clocks run on goal reaching and pier-recognition. Misery is the new drug of choice, just above recreational choking. This ironic idea that woe brings pleasure is simple sodistic. Also, then the inverse is true, twenty-first-century hetero-sapiens find no joy, no happyness in a first kiss, the hopeful look in a poor man's eye, or even a young couple and the joys their angelicly plump adolescent, of only a dozen months, will give them when she decides to whisper her first "momma" or "papa." NO, this desensitized culture of robots do not slow down by an accident in order to show humanity, but to see the core and guts that they censor form their children, in the back seat. If only we could, for one solitary day, return to classical and romantic ideals. "Mi casa" no longer "es su casa", becuase i dont know you and dont want to, and this is america, and we speak english in america. Getting the money for your next fix IS more important than the boys life who get in the way of your bullet while you robbed the mini-mart, "that damn kid wanted what? a loaf of bread?" he evidently has not deserved that next breath. DInner with the family. The table will be silent tonight.



Untitled 1

What is more powerful?

fact or fiction

poem or novel

spoken word or written

wat is a universal truth?

the blood running through our veins,

words written on a page?

can we even believe what we see,



Our dimension is limited,

contains one choice,

one answer;

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it,

does it get back up until someone comes near?

there is more to this question,

although i contain fear:

after the solution,

more questions will apprear.

Then to these, will do the same,

hoping life wont be in vein