Sunday, February 21, 2010

Emotive: In Three Movements

1 I have found myseld in an abyss

trekked by many, written about

those who are lost in it may die, 

others live in it forever

there is a question posed;

is this the common cold,

os is this place more like a 

joker in the pack?

i believe there are many lovers,

but only a few loves, who is the


2 But your alleged "one and only" may not be your best fit, nor the "soul mate", but in fact the closest and your most compatible lover, so why go out of your way for what you already know. But she is curious, this scares me, i have always learned that curiosity killed the cat, so has my time, nay my life, not proved enough? possibly not.

3 This fact creates an emotional void in my chest behind my lungs, soo much that i cant remember  what used to inhabit that space; it pumped blood, kept me alive. Tell me this: what am i missing?

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