Sunday, February 21, 2010


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Love 2

Pieces fit together like a mismatches puzzle, pounding them into place, cutting pieces to fit and throwing the extras away. what was meant to be a person now is only visible through 3D glasses. The parts are all there, but there is another medium needed to put them together correctly. Comething else. Political powers and polished pronounciation make the world evidently flow; the people. The people are run by a clockwork not much unlike the universe, set off by objects' undividual movements. The misinterpreted "destinations" of children's futures are static and therefore their clocks run on goal reaching and pier-recognition. Misery is the new drug of choice, just above recreational choking. This ironic idea that woe brings pleasure is simple sodistic. Also, then the inverse is true, twenty-first-century hetero-sapiens find no joy, no happyness in a first kiss, the hopeful look in a poor man's eye, or even a young couple and the joys their angelicly plump adolescent, of only a dozen months, will give them when she decides to whisper her first "momma" or "papa." NO, this desensitized culture of robots do not slow down by an accident in order to show humanity, but to see the core and guts that they censor form their children, in the back seat. If only we could, for one solitary day, return to classical and romantic ideals. "Mi casa" no longer "es su casa", becuase i dont know you and dont want to, and this is america, and we speak english in america. Getting the money for your next fix IS more important than the boys life who get in the way of your bullet while you robbed the mini-mart, "that damn kid wanted what? a loaf of bread?" he evidently has not deserved that next breath. DInner with the family. The table will be silent tonight.

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