Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Dont Leave Me

Dont even hang up the phone

knowing what is next.

i think that i will pick

a fight with know today, just

to hear your voice.


I will watch

you cry;

for you have been


cut off like the wings

of a butterfly but

unmendable, like

a failed kidney, or

a child who




1 Dont Love Me

dont even like me

knowing what may come.

history repeats itself,

so dont get us started.

take the easy streets

feeling nothing? empty?

thats the life

nothing to live for, 

nothing to die for,

scared after watching

a scary movie?

sparky's by your side,

but a bark is no

substitute for a hug,

nor woof for kiss, or

even sleeping with sparky

at your feet. comfort

has never felt so shallow.

So, please dont talk to

me, look at me, get me,

help me, glow old with me,

live with me, die with me,

   So please

Dont love me

i dont need you.

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