Sunday, February 21, 2010

Untitled 12

I drive home to read your thoughts, thoughts then i realized i was not the one who needed them read.

My body convulses and shakes in the midnight sun like a rat for cheese. I am the rat; small, dirty, unspoken, feared. A lab rat; you give me things that make my heart race; shoot me up wtih feelings of sickness, feux joy; but in the end, you want me to be ne, not a mutant, not sick, not fake. You are the cheese in the maze. Left, right, left, left, straight, dead end. You are in a compartment of your own and wont let me in. I will climb the walls, up, up, up im on top but wait, where are you? i turm and turn, searching for a clue, i look behind me and there you are, you've been behind me the whole time, watching me. you are no longer the cheese, you are the scientist, the test maker. and i, i am no longer an infectious rat, i am the cure.

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